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Chefs Knives

Chefs Knives

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  1. Hygiplas Vegetable Knife Green - 4"
    Green Handle - Salad & Fruit.
    List: £7.79 Save: 83%
    List: £6.49 Save: 83%
    £1.28 £1.07
  2. Hygiplas Paring Knife Green - 3"
    Green Handle - Salad & Fruit.
    List: £3.47 Save: 30%
    List: £2.89 Save: 30%
    £2.40 £2.00
  3. Hygiplas Utility Knife Scalloped Black - 5"
    5" Blade. Black Nylon Handle.
    List: £15.59 Save: 84%
    List: £12.99 Save: 84%
    £2.42 £2.02
  4. Hygiplas Paring Knife Red - 3"
    Red Handle - Raw Meat.
    List: £3.59 Save: 31%
    List: £2.99 Save: 31%
    £2.47 £2.06
  5. Hygiplas Paring Knife Blue - 3"
    Blue Handle - Raw Meat.
    List: £3.59 Save: 31%
    List: £2.99 Save: 31%
    £2.47 £2.06
  6. Hygiplas Paring Knife White - 3"
    White Handle - Bakery & Dairy.
    List: £3.59 Save: 31%
    List: £2.99 Save: 31%
    £2.47 £2.06
  7. Vogue Soft Grip Paring Knife - 3.5"
    Length: 3.5".
    List: £14.99 Save: 81%
    List: £12.49 Save: 81%
    £2.72 £2.27
  8. Hygiplas Tomato Serrated Knife Black - 4"
    4" (100mm). Nylon handle.
    List: £5.39 Save: 48%
    List: £4.49 Save: 48%
    £2.78 £2.32
  9. Hygiplas Paring Knife Brown - 3.5"
    Brown Handle - Vegetable.
    List: £4.19 Save: 30%
    List: £3.49 Save: 30%
    £2.89 £2.41
  10. Hygiplas Paring Knife Green - 3.5"
    Green Handle - Salad & Fruit.
    List: £4.19 Save: 30%
    List: £3.49 Save: 30%
    £2.89 £2.41
  11. Sharpener for CF238 CF239
    For Kebab Knives CF238 & CF239
    List: £3.35 Save: 8%
    List: £2.79 Save: 8%
    £3.06 £2.55
  12. Hygiplas Palette Knife White - 8"
    White Handle - Bakery & Dairy.
    List: £11.15 Save: 68%
    List: £9.29 Save: 68%
    £3.55 £2.96
  13. Victorinox Turning Knife Plas - 2.5"
    2.5" blade. Black.
    List: £5.03 Save: 27%
    List: £4.19 Save: 27%
    £3.66 £3.05
    Out of stock
  14. Victorinox Parer Serrated - 3"
    3" blade. Black.
    List: £5.03 Save: 26%
    List: £4.19 Save: 26%
    £3.70 £3.08
  15. Hygiplas Tomato Serrated Knife Green - 4"
    4" (100mm). Nylon handle.
    List: £5.39 Save: 31%
    List: £4.49 Save: 31%
    £3.71 £3.09
  16. Hygiplas Boning Knife Stiff Blade Red - 6"
    Red Handle - Raw Meat.
    List: £14.39 Save: 72%
    List: £11.99 Save: 72%
    £4.02 £3.35
  17. Victorinox Parer Plas - 4" 5070310
    4" blade. Black.
    List: £6.23 Save: 34%
    List: £5.19 Save: 34%
    £4.08 £3.40
  18. Hygiplas Fillet Knife Blue - 6"
    Blue Handle - Raw Fish.
    List: £14.39 Save: 70%
    List: £11.99 Save: 70%
    £4.24 £3.53
  19. Vogue Soft Grip Bread Knife - 8"
    Length: 8".
    List: £33.59 Save: 87%
    List: £27.99 Save: 87%
    £4.24 £3.53
  20. Dick Pro-Dynamic HACCP Kitchen Knife Green - 8cm 3"
    Length: 8cm (3"). Colour: Green
    List: £5.27 Save: 18%
    List: £4.39 Save: 18%
    £4.30 £3.58
  21. Dick Pro-Dynamic HACCP Serrated Kitchen Knife Green - 8cm 3"
    Length: 8cm (3"). Colour: Green
    List: £5.27 Save: 18%
    List: £4.39 Save: 18%
    £4.30 £3.58
  22. Dick Pro Dynamic Peeling Knife - 5cm 2"
    Length: 5cm (2").
    List: £5.27 Save: 18%
    List: £4.39 Save: 18%
    £4.30 £3.58
  23. Victorinox Tomato Knife Plastic 4.5" 50833
    4.5" blade. Black.
    List: £5.99 Save: 27%
    List: £4.99 Save: 27%
    £4.37 £3.64
    Out of stock
  24. Dick Pro Dynamic Red Serrated Utility Knife 11cm
    Length: 11cm (4.5").
    List: £4.79 Save: 8%
    List: £3.99 Save: 8%
    £4.39 £3.66
    Out of stock

Items 1-24 of 405


Chefs Knives

In your commercial kitchen or even the home, the need for quality cutting tools such as Chefs' Knives and kitchen knives is paramount.

Designed to make light work of the slicing, dicing, scoring and cutting tasks that take place in every single kitchen around the world. Our range of professional chef knives can enhance your entire food preparation and service process.

Made to the highest standards possible, many utilising the materials that will last a lifetime. Ergonomic, attractive and lightweight, a dedicated series of professional chef knives is a must.

Age-old techniques and cutting-edge technologies and materials can be found in many of the kitchen knives we sell. With specialist knives being designed and crafted for intricate tasks and kitchen processes.

Paring Knives

A paring knife is one of the most versatile tools in any kitchen, ideal for smaller, intricate work, or for peeling fruit or vegetables.

Electric Kitchen Knives

A dedicated electric knife can chop your cutting in half by providing a higher output than relying on staff alone.

Tiredness is not an issue, and even the biggest meat joints can be sliced perfectly - for amazing dishes in an instant. Designed for preparing and serving, an electric knife could be the best investment you never thought of making before.


With single and dual rounded blades, the hachoir or mezzaluna is a traditional knife used for preparing herbs and spices. They use a half moon curved blade for easy rocking back and forth for super-quick herb preparation.

Usually used with a cutting board with a shallow indentation, a hachoir is a classic way to prepare perfect herbs for your intricate dishes.

Boning knives

Featuring a sharp, narrow blade and point, a boning knife is crafted to make the process of removing bones from poultry, meat and fish simple.

Generally thinner and more precise than butcher or kitchen knives, accurate boning becomes a simple and quick task.

We offer a range of boning knives, with stiff blades being preferred for boning beef, pork and game. More flexible-bladed variants are suited much more to removing the bones of poultry and fish.


Tough and imposing, the cleaver is used in butchers and heavy usage kitchen or foodservice environments. They provide your staff with a powerful tool for making light work of dense bone and cartilage.

An tough edge can withstand a repeated flurry of blows, whilst a thick, comfortable handle provides the support you need

Palette knives

Also used outside the catering trade, a palette knife is a trusty tool used in baking and cooking for applying detail or spreading icing. They do this without damaging or affecting the integrity of cakes, pastries and more.

A palette knife has an very light edge and is perfect for lifting pastries and similar items from baking sheets without causing damage.

Wedding cakes

The big day has arrived and you require a true artisan cutting tool to savour the huge occasion of the ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake.

With a dedicated wedding cake knife, the lucky couple can savour the moment forever after using a traditional cake knife.

Cheese knives

Popular as ever, cheese knives are super sharp and feature a design that's different from the other professional options available.

Designed to deal with the stickiness of soft cheese. Unlike a regular blade, cheese doesn't cling to your knives;which in turn allows for a much more pleasing presentation.

Steels and knife sharpeners

Sharp kitchen knives make a useful knife, and so a sharpening tool is an essential if you are a heavy or high-output kitchen.

Dull or blunt blades are not much use for precise and attractive cutting and slicing. Our range of steels, sharpeners and whetstones provide you with the tools to keep your knives incredibly sharp.

Knife sets, wallets and cases

Sometimes you need more than a small selection of knives and the accompanying extras. That's why a complete knife set or partial knife set would be a perfect addition to your food preparation areas.

Our quality selection of knife sets, wallets and cases are an essential for almost every single commercial kitchen.

Knife blocks and racks

Keeping knives and other sharp objects safe in a busy kitchen is paramount. We offer a wide range of knife blocks and knife racks to help keep your professional tools safe and secure. This increases longevity and ensures that the probability of an accident is reduced.

Our range also includes a range of magnetic racks. These can be mounted for quick blade access and storage in a busy kitchen space, whilst also providing a classic professional look.

Knife Sterilising Cabinets

Working with raw meats does pose quite a few problems when any of your utensils are used, especially knives. A thorough hygiene process is necessary and if not followed can cause risk to your diners and guests.

A sterilising cabinet gives you piece of mind in your hygiene processes. It utilises ultra-violet light to kill any bacteria that may have found itself on your priceless cutting tool selection.

Extensive range

We pride ourselves on offering one of the broadest ranges of professional catering service equipment.

With kitchen knives from well-known brands such as Hygiplas, Tsuki, Wusthof Trident and Victorinox, our range of high-quality chefs' knives and related accessories is sure to contain all of the products and tools that every foodservice professional could ever require.

Please note that age restrictions apply to the sale of all knives.

If you are unsure as to which product your professional kitchen could require, then please give a member of our team a call on 01977 687 665 to get friendly advice and support.